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Dog walking


Here at Pitter Patter Paws we encourage group dog walking (no more than 4 dogs per walker) for the simple reason that dogs love and need to be socialised. Group dog walking results in a happier and better-adjusted dog with fewer behavioural problems, and a dog that is able to function well in human society. Not to mention the health benefits of regular exercise and sunshine.


Dogs travel in the air-conditioned Pitter Patter Paws van to various parks, beaches and bushwalks on the North Shore. Here we go for swims (if allowed by Mum), play fetch and go on adventures together.


Your dog is out of the house for a minimum of one and a half hours and can be gone for anywhere up to 2-3 hours depending on how busy the day is and where we have planned to go. Each dog is guaranteed a minimum one hour of exercise per walk.


Each dog is specifically selected and grouped according to size, personality and temperament, and all dogs must be vaccinated and desexed.





Before you join the groups, Summer will meet with you at your home to ensure we both trust and like each other, fill out a quick questionnaire and assess which group better fits yours and the dogs requirements. She may also take your dog for a quick walk around the block.


Pitter Patter Paws can do a one off walk, a couple of walks a week or regular walks, 5 days a week. We do ask that walks are booked by email or SMS each Friday by 4pm for the following week, to ensure you have a spot in the next weeks groups. For regular 5 day walkers, this doesn’t apply and walks continue until advised otherwise from yourself.


We provide toys, treats, towels and tags with our number just in case.


Walks can be paid by cash or EFT into the Pitter Patter Paws bank account. Cancellation policy applies. See our prices page.


Dogs are dropped back to your home tired and content, are given a big bowl of water and left to rest with a big smile on their faces.

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